LUUV Self-Tanning Mousse

LUUV self-tanning mousse gives a natural tan, it is easy and comfortable to use. Tanned complexion develops after 4–6 hours. The product is 100% natural, containing ECOCERT and COSMOS certified ingredients, suitable for vegans. Aloe and herbal glycerin moisturize and care for the skin. Natural self-tanning components provide a beautiful natural tan. Suitable for all skin types, incl. sensitive skin. Use once or twice a week to get a beautiful lasting tan. The product is odourless and does not contain colourants, it does not stain clothes. The dark tone gives an intense summer beach look.

How to use: Shake the bottle before use. Apply the product to clean skin. To get a beautiful and intense result, use LUUV Body Scrub beforehand. Apply 2–3 pumpfuls of product to the application mitt and squeeze, so that the foam is evenly distributed, then apply to the skin with circular motion. Leave on for a few hours, do not wash off the foam! Don't get hesitated - the foam is in white colour and this is the reason it won't mark your clothes nor bedding!

LUUV Self-Tanning Mousse comes in two shades: MEDUIM and DARK

Mousses' are suggested to apply with a tanning mitt. LUUV Tanning Mitt is very soft and with a high quality. It is two-sided for extra even and quick application.

LUUV self-tanning mousse is certified with leading ECOCERT/COSMOS eco-certificate.
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