LUUV Natural Deodorant

Deodorant with natural deodorizing ingredients prevents unpleasant odor and absorbs sweat. Proven 24h protection against odor-causing bacteria; does not affect natural functioning of the skin or clog pores. Rice starch absorbs sweat, sage extract is antibacterial. Moisturizing and soothing aloe cares for delicate underarm skin. Deodorant dries quickly and leaves no marks on clothes. The product is aluminium, alcohol and soda free. All deodorizing ingredients have ECOCERT/COSMOS certificates, 100% vegan.

LUUV has 4 different scents for DEO's: mildly flowery SOOTHING, green and fresh FRESH, orange-scented CITRUS and little woody and fresh UNISEX.
Natural Carrot Dry Oil with Aloe Vera
LUUV Lip Gloss Balm

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